Oh Happy Day

Close-up1 Full-shot Close-up2 Boots Hat Sunglasses

It’s spring ya’ll. The grass may not be bright green, and my knees may have been shivering a bit during these photos, but the calendar says it’s spring, so by golly I say it’s time for spring clothes! I also have to share that I was visited by two geese during this photo-shoot (I like to think of them as couple, but maybe I’m just a romantic). They didn’t seem to mind me sharing the grass with them, and there was something soothing about a couple of animals just chillin’ in my yard. ‘Tis a happy day indeed.

What I’m wearing:
Dress: Just18inches on ETSY
Cardigan: Clarisse’s Closet on ETSY
Hat: Clarisse Original
Boots: AG Pretty and Plaid 
Sunglasses: AG Store Beach Set 


The Spring Collection!

Clarisse’s Closet 2014 Spring Collection

It’s (almost) finally here! The 2014 Spring Collection is our debut collection of designer clothing for American Girl (or 18″) dolls. Along with Clarisse’s signature wool felt hats, the collection features a versatile selection of Clarisse’s original designs that can easily be mix-and-matched with other items in the collection or pieces that you already have in your doll’s closet. With an array of bright colors, prints, and a varied selection of fabrics, the Clarisse’s Closet 2014 Spring Collection has something for every doll’s style!

The collection will be released on Etsy on Friday, March 14th. Stay tuned for a link!

The Lookbook
View the lookbook to preview the whole collection! A brief description accompanies one of the  appearances of each piece.

Click here to view the full page booklet! 

Neutral Territory


We’re sort of at that point where it’s not quite spring, but it doesn’t feel like winter anymore because the birds have started chirping in the mornings and the sunlight seems to have that glorious magic that you can almost see beaming down to give life to the sad, brown, snow-scattered ground. Today, I did my best at a “transition outfit,” with a lighter weight jacket and a silk scarf as opposed to one of my chunky knit ones. I almost went with a pop of color to contrast all my neutrals, but sometimes it’s fun to just let the neutrals be.

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: Just18inches on ETSY
Tee: AG Cargo Outfit
Jeans: Closet4Chloe on ETSY
Boots: AG Blue Ribbon Riding
Scarf: Clarisse Original
Hat: Vintage (Ebay)


Ruffles and Dots

Full-shot Hair Shoes Close-up

Ruffles, polka-dots, color, sparkles, and jewelry, what more can a girl ask for in an outfit? I’ve been trying to hold out until spring to wear this sweater, but alas I can take it no more. You may be surprised to hear it is from AG’s Bitty line, but somewhat like USPS’s shipping policy, I like to think if it fits, it’s fair game. In fact, when my eyes were opened to the possibilities in the Bitty line, I was surprised at the number of things I wanted to try on for size.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Blossom Outfit 
Top: AG Sparkly Tunic and Jeans
Skirt: JanieJumps on ETSY
Boots: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Bracelet: Shimmermyst on ETSY

Hint of Spring


Don’t let the beaming sunshine fool you, it’s still only 10 degrees. But hey, if it’s going to look like spring is coming, I’m going to dress at least a little like spring is coming. I’m loving this peachy pink and lime green color combo, and I managed to work in this funky furry vest again, plus I totally forgot I left these boots in the box they came in until yesterday, so I’m feeling like a real winner today. And it’s only 10:30 AM. It’s going to be a good day.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Isabelle’s Coral Sweater
Pants: AG Horse Lover Outfit
Vest: OG Faux Keeps 
Boots: AG Pretty and Plaid Dress
Hat and Scarf: Clarisse Originals