When in Doubt, Layer

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It occurred to me that my flannel shirt selection is quite lacking, which is a shame considering flannels are a fall necessity. This classic AG flannel is in almost everyone’s wardrobe, though I must say it is more often seen borrowed by my brother than it is worn by me, so I’m adding more fitted flannels to my shopping list. Thankfully, there is always the option of layering to disguise clothing that isn’t your favorite fit- so this sparkly maroon sweater was just what I needed to complete the outfit.

What I’m Wearing:
Flannel: AG Cargo Outfit 
Sweater: Clarisse Original
Jeans: Clarisse’s Closet Fall 2015 Collection
Boots: AG Addy’s Original Meet Boots


Blue Holly





Ok I’ll admit, this outfit is all about the sweater. An equation I live by: jeans+tee shirt+boots+interesting cardigan= cute casual outfit. It creates just the right amount of put-together for an everyday look, without trying too hard. And interesting cardigan can be interpreted very liberally. It could mean a print, cool buttons, just a bright color, or even an ironically tacky holiday sweater (hey, if you feel like you’re rocking it, go for it). The embroidery on this one reminds me of holly, but in icy blue colors, perfect for winter without being the previously mentioned tacky holiday sweater (it’s not for everyone).

What I’m wearing: